AUDITS-conducting an audit even when not required by law can help a non-profit be eligible for funding.

REVIEWS-Reviews provide a more limited assurance on the accuracy of your financial statements than audits.


Not-For-Profit Board Governance Training
How to be an Effective Board Member

Being a member of a organization’s board is a highly sought after position by many
professionals. If you have been selected to be a board member of a not-for-profit (NFP)
organization, it means you care about their purpose and mission. Your role as a
board member is a critical one. Board members are the fiduciaries who steer the
organization towards a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical, and legal governance
and financial management policies, as well as by making sure the nonprofit has adequate resources to advance its mission. We provide you with Non-For Profit Governance Training as a board member.

Not-For-Profit Board Governance Training
Strategic Planning

One of the most important responsibilities of the board is to set and oversee the implementation of specific, measureable, strategic objectives the NFP plans to achieve to carry out its mission. The strategic plan is the bridge between the vision and accomplishing the mission.

Strategic planning should be conducted separately from regularly scheduled board meetings.

Not-For-Profit Board Governance Training
Financial Budget & Strategy

Strong ethical and fiduciary oversight by those charged with governance of a NFP is imperative to maintaining the public’s trust. Supporters have the expectation that their contributions will further the NFP’s mission.



Does your organization have a fundraising plan?  How are you communicating with potential donors?  A clear, concise and methodical process is required for your fundraising to be effective. Learn more about how to develop a fundraising plan and how to communicate with potential donors.



Timothy E. Brown, CPA, LLC believes in the power of learning. Throughout the year, we will have a variety of learning events for you to better position your not-for-profit as well as business.


Board Governance Training

Board members are the fiduciaries who steer the organization toward a sustainable future. They adopt sound, ethical, and legal governance, and financial management policies to ensure that the not-for-profit (NFP) has adequate resources to advance it's mission.

During this instructional and informational training, you will learn more about your role as a board member and the NFP governance that should be in place. Gain the skills that you need to take your Not-For-Profit to the next level. A continental breakfast will be provided.